1. One Dog per Night                              20tl
  2. Two Dogs Sharing per Night           35tl   
  3. Three Dogs Sharing per Night        45tl       Family Kennel
  4. Four Dogs Sharing per Night          60tl       Family Kennel

Pick Up and Return

From     Girne                                                        35tl

From     Alsancak                                                 40tl

From     Lapta                                                        45tl

Trips to Vets in Girne                                         35tlOTHER SERVICES

Dog Grooming                                                       55tl

Pet Cemetary                                                        250tl

A tree of your choice will be planted on the Grave for Rememberance

Your Pet will be walked twice  daily in the beautiful rural country side.  We are on site 24 hours a day, to supervise and care for your pets.  Available to take your pet to the vet if on any treatments.        

Long time boarding for preperation for travel if required